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Only Murders in the Building by The Sononauts

Everything in Life by Flat Cloud

Falling 2 Fly by Flat Cloud

Dream Pt. 1 by Ameriglow

West African Zydeco Prelude by Colin Allured 
Doctor Who by Wally Wallace & The Sononauts

I Just Don't Like Loving You Anymore by The Malpass Brothers 
Man in Black Wearing White by The Malpass Brothers

Killin' the Game by Savage Music Clique 
All Yanitas by D.O.G. 

Machine Gun Tequila by Taylor Bays & The Laser Rays 

Don't by Adam Morse (Ed Sheeran cover) 
Nothing Bigger Than (Hip Hop) by Savage Music Clique 

Heaven Forgive Me by Savage Music Clique 


Lila Watches the News - Wil Davis
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Snowy Strings - Wil Davis
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Space Organ - Wil Davis
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Snow Day - Wil Davis
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Assassin Bug - Wil Davis
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Is Time Real? - Wil Davis
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Copyright © Wil Davis

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